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Fact Sheet


Help Louis and Louise get ready for their big date! Keep the fish of your choice balanced on his or her unicycle for as long as you can while collecting all the accoutrements you’ll need to pitch enough woo to knock your significant fish’s socks off! (Well, that is if fish wore socks...)


  • Old-timey charm
  • Gyroscope controls
  • Play as a male or female fish
  • Tunas
  • Deep love story


We are a brand new up-and-coming independent game studio based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Officially founded in 2016, The Frozen Machine is comprised of three amateur game developers: Adrian, Alex and Raiford who met while studying game design at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). We all fell in love with every aspect of game development, from art to sound to coding and everything in between. Rather than be pigeon-holed into a single discipline working at a larger company, we decided to take the plunge and form our own small studio.


Download the video file here.


Download the screenshots (as a .zip file) here.


Download the logos (as a .zip file) here.


The Frozen Machine team is small but powerful. Members are:

  • Alex Hillhouse - Art
  • Raiford Lawson - Sound and Programming
  • Adrian Nieto - Programming